Twitter Updates for 2008-11-21

  • Just discovered @sactraffic #
  • @leehinde unfortunately the iTunes app store Updates seems to be wacked at the moment… #
  • iPhone 2.2 software update is available… trying to decide whether to be one of the first to try it #
  • @cphares that ‘rotate while rendoring’ issue isn’t new. #
  • @akardell I’m about to try installing the update. I don’t use the NY Times app, but am hoping for better Safari stability. #
  • iPhone updated to 2.2 #
  • I’m really liking Tweetie. #
  • @walberty the update only took about ten minutes forms, including download time. #
  • Via HotAir, The Worst Day Evah (LMAO funny): #
  • Eric Holder in 1999 on Internet regulation: #
  • I guess this global warming thing may be a bigger problem than I thought: #
  • Best Palin turkey video line: “She should tell the media that she apologizes and she’ll do her next interview inside an abortion clinic.” #
  • @walberty 50% up front? 50% on delivery? 20% rush surcharge, up-front? #

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