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Twitter Updates for 2011-06-05

So, it turns out Palin was right about Paul Revere. I wonder if @gruber has seen this? # Powered by Twitter Tools

Twitter Updates for 2011-06-04

Woot!! RT @F1UnitedStates: RT @formula1blog: #f1chat United States Grand Prix date announced! # Yes! RT @circuitamericas: WMSC has announced the date of the #F1 United States Grand Prix at #COTA as June 17, 2012. # Awesome. RT @JD_2020: If there's a #CODBlackOps video that deserves a Re-Tweet today, it's this one: # […]

Twitter Updates for 2011-06-03

Now this is casting against type — Susan Sarandon to Play Sexy Teacher in 'I Hate You, Dad': # Very cool. RT @JonahNRO: In case you've never seen this. American Pie: An explanation. # More bad economic news. RT @hotairblog: Manufacturing orders fell 1.2% in April, retail retreats: Time to panic? # […]

Twitter Updates for 2011-06-02

Oh my. RT @iowahawkblog: IM IN UR SKULL EATIN UR BRANES # I really like this. RT @amandacarpenter: Suggestion for a 2012 bumper sticker: "We can't afford four more years." # What a bunch of whiners. We need to encourage this kind of development, bozos. "Mather plane plan rankles residents": # And still […]

Twitter Updates for 2011-06-01

The new folder organization feature in the iOS iWorks app updates today is just brilliant. Typical Apple simplicity and elegance. # Bipartisan! RT @WSJ: Final tally: House votes 318-97 against raising the debt ceiling. No Republicans voted for the bill # Powered by Twitter Tools